Amanos Bond 9000 Series

General Information


Amanos Aluminum Composite Panel, apart from the standard colors in the color charts, Ral, Pantone and the special colors you request; It prepares the shortest and highest quality for you in A2, B1, B2 non-flammability classes to be used in the exteriors, interiors of your architectural projects, in the advertising sector, your corporate identity works, your private buildings, housing and hospital projects, airport projects and many other areas.

Amanosbond can produce in the thickness range of 2 mm-6 mm, in length sizes up to 1000 mm – 1250 mm – 1500 mm – 2000 mm. Apart from that, it can meet your demands in different widths.

Offering dreams covered in life, Amanos can also meet your demands for painted aluminum coils and sheets with its advanced technology Aluminum Painting line, paint preparation unit, slitting and cut-to-length lines.

Usage Advantages

Provides freedom and flexibility in design,
Composite panel provides metal resistance.
According to other exterior elements more lighter and thinner.
It has a superior surface smoothness.
It has ease of transportation.
It is easy to repair and troubleshoot.
It does not impose additional burden on the building. It is safe in terms of earthquakes.
Covers broken façade imperfections.

No rusting, no corrosion.
It is easy to clean and maintain.
It has no harm to the environment.
There is the possibility of recycling the raw materials used in production.
It is economical with long term advantages
Installation time is short. ”

Usage areas

In interior and exterior applications of buildings,
Trade, business-shopping centers, shops,
Bank and hotel facade applications,
Airports, train stations, bus terminals,
Tunnel – Metro stations interior coating,
Stadium and sports complex applications,
In renovation applications of old buildings,
In all kinds of balcony decoration applications,
In all kinds of column – beam coating applications,
In eaves, ceiling covering applications,
In office applications,
In advertising and billboard design and applications,
At gas stations,
At bus, metro stops,
In exhibition fair centers and stand applications,
All kinds of signs, direction signs,
Escalators, elevators

Color chart

If the color chart below is digitally screened or printed, the colors may vary depending on the print. Please ask for a sample color plate to see the real color.

In the productions made at different times; metallic colors may differ in itself when compared to other production. For this reason, we recommend that you place your orders for metallic colored composite panels at once to meet all of your needs in order to avoid color differences that may occur in different productions.

Apart from the following colors, depending on the order quantity, colors and surface brightness that you specify in line with your needs can be produced. For this reason, production can be made with the desired surface brightness in your orders other than the colors specified in the color chart. For this reason, the amount of surface brightness required should be specified in your orders other than the colors specified in the color charts below.

Those who can order a minimum of 300m2 are indicated in red.
Please contact your sales representative to learn about current stock status.

Technicial Specifications

Aluminum Properties

EN AW 3005 Aluminum Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength (Rm) MPa: 140-195 (EN 10002)
Tensile Strength (Rp0.2) MPa: ≥95 (EN 10002)
Elongation (A50)%: ≥5 (EN 10002)
Elasticity Modulus MPa: 70.000
Thickness Tolerance mm: ± 0.02 (EN 485-4)
Width Tolerance mm: +2/0 (EN 485-4)
Flatness (Edge Wave) mm: d≤6 max. d / f ≤ 1% (EN 485-4)
Flatness (Curl) mm: d≤6 max. d / f ≤ 1% (EN 485-4)
Flatness (Cross Bending) mm: d≤6 max. (EN 485-4)

Panel Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength (kg / mm²) 4.1
Tensile Strength (kg / mm²) 4.8
Elongation at Break (l0 = 5.65 A0¹²-%) 15
Separation (N / mm) 12,5
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 122
Flexural Elastic Modulus (Mpa) 10834
Thermal Resistance (m²K / W) 0,0103
Deflection Temperature (C) 115
Heat Transfer Coefficient (Wm² / K) 5,54
Thermal Extension Coefficient (mm / m / º C) 0.024
Heat Usage Range (C) -50 º C / +80 º C
Sound Insulation 25 dB
Stiffness (kN m² / m) (4mm) 0.240
Section Modulus (cm³ / m) (4mm) 1.75
Stiffness (kN m² / m) (3mm) 0.125
Section Modulus (cm³ / m) (3mm) 1.25

Panel Dimensions and Tolerances

Parameter Min. Max. Tolerance
Aluminum Thickness 0.10 mm 0.5 mm ± 0.02mm
Panel Width 1000 mm 2000 mm -0 / + 2 mm
Panel Thickness 3 mm 5 mm ± 0.2mm
Filling material Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Parameter Min. Max. Tolerance
Aluminum Thickness 0.2 mm 0.5 mm ± 0.02mm
Panel Width 1000 mm 1600 mm -0 / + 2 mm
Panel Thickness 3 mm 5 mm ± 0.2mm
Filling material Mineral

Parameter Min. Max. Tolerance
Aluminum Thickness 0.4 0.5 ± 0.02mm
Panel Width 1250 and 1500 mm 0 / + 2 mm
Panel Thickness 1250 and 1500 mm ± 0.2mm
Filling material Special Mineral


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