Surface Treatment

Powder Coating

In our electrostatic powder coating facility, located on 1000 m2 area, the dirt, oil and metal powders accumulated on the surface during pressing process are rinsed after the necessary pre-treatment in the chemical cleaning pools, dried in the drying cabinet and made ready for painting. With these processes, clean surfaces are obtained.

According to the color group to be applied, the furnace application of the electrostatic powder coated products takes place and this process ensures the adhesion to the surface of the material. The obtained surface coating is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, chemical effects and impacts. As a result of all these processes, environmentally friendly, durable, recoverable,
quality and long-lasting products are offered to our consumers; A contribution has been made towards creating aesthetic, safe and comfortable spaces.

Wood Pattern

Similar pre-treatment in powder coating is also valid for this application. Before the wood coating transfer application, light, dark, red, matte, bright or texture electrostatic paint is applied on the surface to be treated (profiles and composite panels), ensuring that the surface color is compatible with the wood coating pattern.

When the surface painting is completed, transfering of wooden coating transfer paper to the paint on the surface is provided in a special oven by vacuum and heat method.

As a result of the process, the natural wood appearance is obtained perfectly.With this process, the products we have mentioned in the powder coating and the products that have been treated with similar processes have become durable, long-lasting, and perfect products in terms of naturalness and appearance aesthetics.


We offer the fastest solution by fastening process of polyamide insulating barriers with aluminum body which we realize in our own production area. After the fastening application of polyamide heat barrier, the profiles can be heat treated up to 200 degrees.

We offer the possibility of supplying your internal and external profiles with different surface treatments as in the format described in the project with our application of isomat

Mechanical Processes

Profile Sizing

Standard length profile production in stocked products (door, window, facade, sliding, folding systems) is 6m. In our guillotine systems, this size is 6.5 m.

In additon to standard profile sizing and supplying, we supply the finished products in desired sizes, produce in special lengths, cut, place corner connections in the frame for profile orders of min. 300kg and above.

Composite Panel Sizing

As everyone knows Kayra aluminum composite panels are the preferred product in terms of aesthetics and ease of use in project applications.

The variability of the material according to the building shape and the application area brought along the need for dimensioning, bending and grouting before application.

In this sense, our company creates dimensional processes of all the materials in the computer environment and enables the machining of the latest technology CNC joint machines with the robotic application with zero error and fast processing.

The used equipment and applications allow us to obtain with processing quality and vibration-free – quick vacuuming a smooth-processed material.

Except for the standard colors available on the color charts, Ral, Pantone and the requested special colors by you; with A2, B1, B2 fire resistance classes are prepared for the use of your interior and exterior architectural projects, airports, hospitals, hotels, residential projects and many other areas as soon as possible with top quality.

General Mechanical Operations

We offer you high quality and fast services with our most accurate solutions during profile cutting, drilling, preparation of special cut aluminium sheets and plates, cutting of special accessories, milling operations, product supply and manufacturing stages.



In today’s world, the rapid flow of time and increasing sector needs lead us to serve you better and faster.
In this sense, you do not only receive product supply service from our company, you also receive technical support, R & D, information and application options related to the products together with our corporate support.

Our cooperation started in the planning stage of your projects, determination of the system, the selection of suitable products and equipment according to the physical and climatic conditions of the area to be applied, dimensioning, shaping, packaging and logistics solutions determined by our advanced technology equipment and expert staff in order to be able to deliver the products ready for installation into your projects, provides you with great convenience in your business by saving you time in this whole process.


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