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Ural Ultimate Motorized Glass Roof System

With Kayra Metal aluminum roof system products, we offer you the opportunity to use different designs in your projects. In our products, special streams and side beams are used in our products. The profiles of all products are cut at 90 ° and installation is provided in this way. Thanks to our roof systems, it is possible to reach our garden areas in a pleasant way on days when the weather conditions are bad. These products, which can be easily adapted to the garden and space and can be specially designed and applied to the spaces, are candidates to change the face of your spaces.

URAL Ultimate Motorized Glass Roof System is a system that works by collecting glass panels moving on rails in a fixed area with the engine. The system is made of modular profiles with integrated profiles with minimum cross-section, beam, wall fixing sections, groove and support column. System components consist of high quality designed functional materials. URAL Ultimate glass ceiling system can be made unlimited length 550 cm depth. Panel widths can be made from a minimum of 100 cm to a maximum of 150 cm.

It has a special profile structure suitable for LED lighting. The system is designed to create suitable architectural solutions and large environments for hotels, restaurants, cafes, winter gardens.

Roof Types

Accessory and Glass Options

The choice of accessories plays an important role in efficiently carrying out position and speed controls in our Motorized Glass Roof Systems. Servo and Tube motors are used in our system in order to provide motor control and to give the necessary commands.
Kayra Metal team makes the necessary parameter settings of the motor drivers and ensures that the motor works as desired. Thanks to the remote control, you will have the chance to stop your roof wherever you want.

Color Options

Thanks to its extremely weather-resistant and UV-resistant powder paint, your system will preserve its color intensity for years.
It is painted at KAYRA Atelier in accordance with world standards of color and gloss intensity. You can use all the colors of the RAL color palette for our aluminum Veranda systems. You can choose between matte-grained and different gloss levels. The surface of your Motorized Roof system frame is very easy to maintain, sustainable and also environmentally friendly. Sample RAL options are listed below. All colors please click to access RAL Catalog.



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