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Toros Aluminium Fence System

A fence is not just a barrier or demarcation for property, but it performs many functions.  You might want to keep out the noise or you may want to keep your pets safely inside. All these purposes are served by putting up a fencing but it should look good, complement the overall appearance of the property and also add value to it. Kayra Aluminium fencing and louvres can improve the look of your home while also adding to its security and privacy.

Aluminium does not corrode, it is virtually maintenance free. Damaged portions can be easily repaired within a short time. Your amanos aluminium fencing suppliers can easily take care of the repairs and installation for you. Aluminium metal is extremely pliable, so it’s not difficult to turn it into different shapes. Need an intricately designed fence? An aluminium fence is a great option considering it is almost maintenance free.

Toros aluminum fences are specially designed to create a beautiful border to add more value to your living space and make it exclusive with its corrosion-resistant and long-lasting structure. We offer you the opportunity to create different modules in a wide variety of design and color options by using components such as covers, fittings, fence beams on your garden fences, balconies and doors. Enhance your living space with the elegance, beauty and durability of high strength aluminum fences.

Profiles Used in the System

Welding is absolutely not performed in the combination of our aluminum fence systems. The special profiles of the system are designed to match each other. The system provides ease of mechanical assembly.

Color Preferences

Thanks to the extremely weather-resistant and UV-resistant powder paint, the color intensity of your fence systems will be preserved for years.
It is painted in the KAYRA in accordance with the world standards of color and brightness intensity. You can use all the colors of the RAL color palette for our aluminum Veranda systems. You can choose between matte-grained and different gloss levels. The surface of your Fence profiles is easy to maintain, sustainable and at the same time environmentally friendly. Sample RAL options are listed below. All colors please click to access RAL Catalog



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