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Logan Clear Guillotine System

The motorized vertical sliding system is an ideal architectural solution to create transparent and stylish areas, especially in hotels, restaurants, patisseries, cafes, winter gardens and balcony applications. The system works in harmony with remote control or mobile applications, you can stop the wings at any time and use them to ventilate your space.When the wings are completely closed, you can maintain heat and air insulation while maintaining your panoramic view thanks to the elegant aluminum profiles. The system provides compatibility with different glass combinations.

The opening of the sash used in the LOGAN Clear motorized vertical sliding system brings innovation to the system. The biggest problem with existing systems was that the outside of the windows could not be cleaned when used in high-rise buildings. With the LOGAN Clear system, it can be easily cleaned with an inward opening wing. LOGAN Clear system can be produced as 2 wings, 3 wings, and 4 wings. With the help of the electronic motor used in the system, the panels can be stopped wherever you want. The mechanical system that moves the channels can be produced with an optional chain and steel wire flat belt. The system can be applied up to 5000mm wide and 4000mm high. The system is designed to carry 250 KG weight by using double engine. Engine maintenance can be done effortlessly at any time thanks to the engine box consisting of independent parts. LOGAN Clear is a package product. If desired, it can be supplied in different sizes as fabricated.

Opening Types

Accessory Preferences

The guillotine systems, which have become widespread in recent years, especially in cafes and restaurants, have become one of the favorite products in homes.
While vertical glass applications provide spacious and wide openness to residence and business owners, the quality and technology of the profiles and accessories used in the systems are of great importance.
Contact us and experience how we can help you with a new approach for Guillotine Systems.

Color Preferences

Thanks to the extremely weather-resistant and UV-resistant powder paint, the color intensity of your guillotine frames will be preserved for years.
It is painted at KAYRA Atelier in accordance with world standards of color and gloss intensity. You can use all the colors of the RAL color palette for our aluminum LOGAN Guillotine systems. You can choose between matte-grained and different gloss levels. The surface of your frame is very easy to maintain, sustainable and at the same time environmentally friendly. Sample RAL options are listed below. All colors please click to access RAL Catalog.

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