Nepal Elite Bi-Fold System

In modern houses and apartments, aluminum door and window systems are preferred instead of old wood and ppc. It is a metal that makes it last longer and resists different weather conditions than aluminum, wood or PVC. The thermal efficiency of aluminum is also an important reason for the use of aluminum in the doors and windows of modern housing businesses. Moreover, aluminum is a scratch and rust resistant option that proves to be very cost effective in the long run. As Amanos system, you can choose among the options according to the needs of your home in aluminum folding door window systems.

NEPAL Elite is an uninsulated folding door system. It works smoothly with special design, rail bearings and hinges. System profiles can be opened inward, outward opening, threshold and no threshold application can be made. Opening panels are 110 cm wide and 310 cm high. The bearings used in the system have a carrying capacity of 75KG per panel. According to the project details, the first opening wing can be created on the left and right. The NEPAL Elite system offers design options that meet all requirements for commercial and private projects.

Opening Types

Accessory Preferences

The choice of the window handle greatly affects the appearance of your window. Accessory options combine new generation fittings, functionality and durability. You can safely choose KAVIN window handles for industry-wide standards and safety.
There are many design types and alternatives in our aluminum door and window systems. Please click to see all window handle options.

Color Preferences

Thanks to the extremely weather-resistant and UV-resistant powder paint, the color intensity of your window frames will be preserved for years.
It is painted at KAYRA  in accordance with world standards of color and gloss intensity. You can use all the colors of the RAL color palette for our aluminum folding window systems. You can choose between matte-grained and different gloss levels. The surface of your window frame is very easy to maintain, sustainable and at the same time environmentally friendly. Sample RAL options are listed below. All colors please click to access RAL Catalog.



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