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From The Board Of Management

Kayra Metal’s innovator and contemporary philosopyh provides fast, accurate and reliable service with hard working, dedicated and genial staff. Thanks to the trust in the company and the quality of the products, it has adopted the principle of continuous development. Kayra Metal is cooperating with its partners in the construction sector. The company’s main goal is to maintain and improve product quality, satisfy its customers beyond their expectations by following each and every statutory and environmental rules and regulations. Kayra holds the key to success by using the latest quality management systems. On the other hand, the success can not be considered without the human factor. Thus, Kayra values its employees by creating more educational, participant and efficient working system and peaceful, humanized working environment.

Kerem Yılmaz
Chairman of the Board

Our Vision

To be the pioneer of aluminum industry with our innovative approaches.

Our Mission

By providing functional and high quality products, we aim to produce fast solutions to the changing customer needs.

About Us

KAYRA METAL Inc. combines its knowledge and experience of a quarter century with its flexible and dynamic structure with Amanos brand and continues to sign projects successfully worldwide.
KAYRA METAL Inc. offers high quality products to its national and international customers with economic solutions in short periods with its profile, system profiles, facade cladding systems, composite panels, office partition systems, solar control systems and accessories.
KAYRA METAL Inc. with its expert, experienced staff, 5.500 m² closed area equipped with high technology equipments provides to its customers; architectural design, project management, manufacturing, logistics services.

We’re investigating new ways of delivering our power to more people. In addition, we aim to provide our business partners with creative ideas and works.

As KAYRA METAL Inc. we are working to produce solutions to the projects with our R & D, production and sales strength.


Silence İstanbul Hotel & Convention Center
İstanbul KİPTAŞ Merkez Yerleşkesi
İstanbul Aksaray Maliye
İstanbul Şişli Emniyet Müdürlüğü
İstanbul Ataköy Suit
İstanbul Şişli Florence Nightingale
İstanbul Esenler Devlet Hastanesi
Ankara Vakko
Batumi Kempinski Hotel
Kemet Charged Fabrika
İstanbul Medipol Hastanesi
Doruk Orman Ürünleri
Oditoryum Gaziantep
Talatpaşa Yalısı
Kent Plus Centrium
Gürcistan Tiblisi Tabori Hotel
Kocaeli Gebze Belediyesi Olimpik Buz Pateni
Him Evleri Kemerburgaz

Arçelik Fabrika Kapaklı
Afrika Gana Rivonia Gate
Esenyurt İş Merkezi
İstanbul Acun Ilıcalı Çalışma Ofisi
İstanbul Acun Ilıcalı Kış Bahçesi
İstanbul Doğa Koleji
Dünya Ticaret Merkezi
İstanbul Bioxcin Fabrika
İzmit Körfez Belediyesi
İstanbul Yıldız Teknik Ünv. – Davutpaşa
Migros A.Ş
Kipa Ataköy
Trakya Ünv. Onkoloji Fakültesi
GND Yönetim Binası Edirne
Bebek Villa
Cam Merkezi
İran Airport VIP Salon
Trakya Üniersitesi Tıp Fakültesi
Kurtköy Ada Tıp Hastanesi
Atasay Kuyumculuk Bahçelievler

Türkmenistan Devlet Konutları
Richmond Country Yacht Club USA
Irak Villa Projeleri
İstanbul Aksaray Maliye
Gül Ecza Deposu
Türkmenistan Medeniyet Projesi
Azerbaycan Airport Vip-Business Aviation
Tokat Niksar Devlet Hastanesi Toki
Azerbaycan Airport Hizmet Binası
Körfez Belediyesi Ofisi
Bağcılar İmam Hatip Lisesi
İstanbul Bahçelievler İstwest
Doğa Koleji Başakşehir
Azerbaycan Şafa Stadı
Tripoli Zwita Mall
Diplomatik Hotel
Ferco Kağıthane
Ferco Levent
Sakarya Ada Tıp Hastanesi


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