Insulated Sliding System
  • SLAT 64 is an insulated sliding system with a 18 mm heat barrier, which allows for the application of a fixed glazing at the upper part.
  • With its economial and aesthetical design it is the preferred system of hotel projects.
  • In the standard design the vent carrying capacity is max. 150 kg.
  • Double rail and three rail options allow the system for up to 6 sliding vents.

Technical Catalog

Technical Details

Profile Dimensions
  • Frame Depth (min.- max. mm): 64,5-159,4
  • Profil Et Kalınlığı (min-max): 1,3-1,5
  • Profile Wall Thickness (min-max): 1,3-1,5
  • Heat Barrier Thickness (mm): 18 mm
  • Glass Thickness (min-max): 16-24
  • Maximum Vent Weight (max kg): 150
Opening Types
  • Sliding Vent
  • Double Vent Sliding
  • Three Vent Sliding
  • Four Vent Sliding
  • Six Vent Sliding
  • Fixed and Sliding Vent
  • Fly Screen Application
Usage Area
  • Window
  • Door
  • Balcony Glazing
  • Winter Garden
  • Flush Handle
  • Sliding Handle
  • Axial Handle
  • PVC Window Handle
  • Multi-point Locking
Number of Sliding Rails
  • 2 Sliding Rail
  • 3 Sliding Rail
  • 45° Corner Frame Connection
  • 45° Corner Vent Connection
  • Allen Corner Connection
Architectural Aesthetics
  • In addition to standard sliding arms, there is also the use of a flush handle available which simplifies the appearance of the external view.
  • Rail usage options, corner connection features, manual mechanism and slim appearance provide an unlimited range of designs for architects.
  • Special frame profile option is available for the system-specific fixed vent application at the top of the sliding door.
  • Adjustable roller and steel rail with excellent detail solution allows high weight and wide vents to run smoothly
Manufacturing - Application Advantages
  • With double rail and three rail profile design, it allows up to 6 moving vent applications.
  • The SLAT 64 system allows you to achieve a perfect result with only one Allen by collecting the corner combinations of the vents and frames by 45 degrees, with the result of the pressure applied to the top and bottom of the joint.
  • With aluminium and steel rail options, it has a vent carrying capacity of up to 250 kg.

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