WAT 73
Insulated Door & Window System
  • WAT 73 series that is used at high-rise buildings have become indispensable for the projects prioritizing thermal, sound and water insulation performances.
  • WAT 73 insulated door and window system meets the very highest standards in terms of both design and ease of use.
  • It is an ideal system for all architectural designs and projects meeting the project requirements such as maximizing energy efficiency, stability with its fully insulated profile structure and increased static values.
  • It has a 34 mm heat barrier.
  • WAT 73 insulated door and window system profiles are developed according to the Eurogroove channel structure.
  • All types of accessories which are made suitable for this channel structure can be used in the system.
  • All safety classes can be reached with the accessories suitable for the Eurogroove channel structure.

Technical Catalog

Technical Details

Frame Profile External Height
  • Frame Profile External Height: 73 mm
Vent Profile External Width
  • Vent Profile Minimum Width: 37 mm
  • Vent Profile Maximum Width: 67 mm
Dimension Limits
  • Maximum Vent Weight: 120 kg
  • Maximum Vent Height (H): 240 mm
  • Maximum Vent Width (W): 160 mm
Glazing Range
  • Minimum Glass Thickness: 16 mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness: 44mm
Profile Wall Thickness
  • Minimum Profile Wall Thickness: 1,6 mm
  • Maximum Profile Wall Thickness: 2 mm
Glazing Method
EPDM Gasket
Heat Insulation Values
  • Maximum Uf value with high performance: 1.67 W / m²K

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